What IS the Best Way to Generate Leads?

What IS the Best Way to Generate Leads? What IS the Best Way to Generate Leads? I follow many real estate sites, and once in a while, they offer tips and tricks to get business. For example, today I received a blog from the “The Top 6 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies for 2022”.


Being the curious type and wanting to provide my clients/agents with up-to-date information to “Bild a Better Business,” I read the full article.




They ranked the best to the not-so-best, giving pros and cons about each pick listed. And their costs. WOW and their costs. Prices ranged from $400 – 500 per month to $119 per month PLUS $20 – $30 per lead.


I know many agents swear on buying leads and brag about the $ $ they are making on these leads. But you have to admit, that is a hard way of doing business.


You get the lead and give your elevator speech of why they should choose you against all the other agents who may also be contacting them simultaneously. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but these leads are not very loyal to you. They could still ghost you, and you already PAID for them.


Perhaps an easier way instead of paying for and chasing leads is to stay in contact with your past clients for referrals.


I have worked with several seasoned agents, and they get most of their business from their contacts and leads are from past clients, their friends, and their relatives.

So someone you already know KNOWS someone who wants to buy or sell a home.


The good part is that these leads already trust you because their family/friends already trust and love you and how you do business. So forget the elevator speech – your past clients are singing your praises.


If you haven’t been keeping in touch with your past clients, it’s not too late to reach back out. First, send them a little handwritten note letting them know you’re thinking of them. Then, give them a quick call to see how they are doing and ask if you can help them in any way – perhaps a CMA for their insurance
update or removal of their PMI.


TIP: If you have been in the business for at least seven years, create a CMA and mail it to them without being asked. Again, they could use this to make sure they have enough insurance on their property. Why seven years? That’s usually when someone is thinking about moving – perhaps their home is getting too small, or they need to downsize. Do it now and get in front of them before they contact someone else.


If you’re thinking about paying for leads or are already paying for leads, why not spend that money elsewhere? Where it could really do you some good.


1.     Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. A REVA does your grunt work and makes you look good. As a licensed real estate broker/agent, I already know the real estate business and can set up the systems to make contacting past clients easy and smooth.

2.    Get into Real Estate Coaching. A real estate coach or real estate group coaching gets you into the right mindset to grow your business and not be distracted by shiny objects. And we know as real estate agents, we are ALWAYS getting shiny objects thrown our way.


If you would like to talk to me about using a real estate virtual assistant, give me a call today! I would love to help you “Bild a Better Business.”


If you would like more information about real estate coaching or if it’s right for you, I strongly suggest “Your Coaching Matters.” They have affordable and constructive group coaching, private coaching, and courses geared to boost your real estate business and career.


You don’t have to buy leads to make it in real estate. Your leads are already there for you to go after. 

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