Are Your Past Clients and Customers Working with Someone New?

Bild a Better Business

"I specialize in creating content and systems for real estate and small business owners, ensuring consistent client connections, attracting prospects, and safeguarding against lost sales to competitors."

Never Lose Track of a Client Again! Use My Services to Stay Infront of Your Clients!

Partnering with me gives you access to 26+ years of small business and real estate experience, tailored lead generation, and marketing solutions that:

Sandy Bild - BIld a Better Business

Enhance your online presence.

  • Boost the effectiveness of your emails, newsletters, and brochures to get a better ROI on your mailings.
  • Improve your engagement with current clients and prospects so they will remember you when they need something.
  • Plan and customize your marketing plans so you have a marketing plan for the year.
  • Streamline your touch campaigns to your clients and what they respond to.
  • Make Your database/CRM user friendly so it’s easier to use and add to.

I Can Also Create a Steady Stream of New Prospects!

  • Construct automated funnels to generate leads 24/7.
  • Produce lead magnets to attract your ideal clients and customers so you will receive a response.
  • Write and publish website blog articles to convert viewers into your new clients and customers.

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Bild a Better Business - Funnels
Bild a Better Business - Content Creation
Bild a Better Business - Email & Database-CRMs

Funnels & Drip Campaigns

Content Creation

Email & Other Marketing Campaigns/Newsletters

Funnels in your marketing plan are the perfect tool to channel leads into your email box!

Become a useful resource and community
“go-to” with your website and blog posts!

Never let your clients wonder if you’re still in business by staying in touch with them!

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Let's "Bild" a Better Business!!