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ready to reach the next level of business?
Building a team?
need help, but in-office is not safe right now?someone to manage your Social Marketing?

If anything has taught us during this Pandemic is that so much can be done without personal contact. As we continue to social distance we still are conducting real estate business. We found there is so much we can do using Zoom and cloud-based software. The Real Estate Industry didn’t skip a beat reinventing ways of doing business while staying safe and socially distant. If fact the real estate marketing is busier than ever throughout the United States!

Are there things in your real estate business that’s getting left undone or just waiting to when the market slows down?


Help is Here!

Want Found on the Internet? DONE!
Want a Marketing Plan to have Consistent Contact with Your Database? DONE!
Want a Listing or Buyer Presentation? DONE!
Want to Organize Your Database? DONE!
Want your Help to start the ground running and not have to train? DONE!
Want someone who can contribute and not just Assist? DONE!

get the help you need safely without meeting in person!

Real Estate Manager

Social MEdia Marketing

Content writing

A plan made just for you!

Full or Part-Time

We’d “sit” down for a free Full Business Review to see what you need to “Bild” your business. From that, a design is put together detailing what is best for you, your business growth, and your money.

Then, depending on what your business review looks like, hours and payment would be discussed for particular temporary projects with projected deadlines or timelines.  

You choose what you want to have done when.


Depending on what your business review looks like, hours and payment would be discussed for particular temporary projects with projected deadlines or timelines.  You choose what you want to have done when.

For each project, an agreement is signed with payment made for the first half of the project. The rest of the project payment would be paid upon completion.

Social Media

  • Manage ALL Your Social Marketing Platforms 
    (And introduce you to some, too!)
  • Make Sure You Have a Social Presence. 
  • Create Marketing Calendar – Quarterly / Annually
  • Bring in Worthy News Articles and Blog Ideas 
  • Create and Post Blog Articles
  • Create or Freshen Your Agent Branding to compete with other agents using Social Media.

Helpful Insights & Tips

For Residential Real Estate Agents

“Chalk it up to Experience”

How many of you have gone through your real estate career having one time or another had to “chalked it up to experience”? As much as this may have stung, did you learn something from it?

Having been in the real estate business (residential and commercial) for over 20 years and recently property management, I gained a lot of knowledge and learned a lot of things. But at times, I just had to chalk things up to experience. And move on.
However, if you’re continually having to “Chalk things up to Experience”, it may be time to hire someone to help you.

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So much technology and so little time.
Facebook Tips

So Much Technology and so Little Time!

So much technology and so little time. I don’t know about you, but I get so many soliciting phone calls (spam) from companies offering SEO and front-page placement on Google.

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For Commercial Real Estate Agents

hiring a real estate coach?

Did you play a musical instrument in school? Did you have lessons? Did you take private lessons? How did that help you in your chair placement? Did your music teacher hold you accountable for practicing each day?

Did you have a tutor as you were going through school, especially for those hard classes like chem and physics? Did your grades improve? Did your tutor hold you accountable to studying that subject each day?

How about your real estate business? Of course, you’re taking the required real estate continuing ed classes as well as a webinar here and there, but are those really helping your business? They have great ideas to implement into your business, but are you using them after you added them to your notes?

Perhaps it is time to hire a real estate coach.

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