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ready to reach the next level of business?
Building a team?
worried about what that would look like?

If anything has taught us during this Pandemic is that so much can be done virtually. As we continue to social distance while still conducting real estate business, we found there is so much we can do using Zoom and cloud-based software. The Real Estate Industry didn’t skip a beat reinventing ways of doing business while staying safe and socially distant. Now NAR is predicting the real estate market will come on strong for the 2nd half. 

If you’re busy now and maybe not getting as many things done, what’s left undone?

here's a thought ...



Have you thought about bringing on someone to help, but not sure who or what that could look like? Looking for an additional Team Member, but not sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment?

How about working with someone who you could collaborate with and who could actually manage your real estate business rather than just adding an Assistant who is just told what to do or committing to an additional agent?

Would you rather work with someone who can build – even set up – your business, help it grow and not have to TRAIN anyone – adding someone who can hit the ground running? 

Hire a Real Estate Manager

Here's how You can "Bild" a Better business!

Pay for only time used
The wonderful thing about a Virtual Real Estate Business Manager is you only pay for time used!
  • No Employment taxes, insurance or PTO paid!
  • No Employment taxes, insurance or PTO paid!
  • Unproductive Time IS NOT Your Dime!
unique marketing ideas
  • Customized Client Contact Plan which includes updating or building your Client Management Program/Data Base
  • Original & Custom Newsletter to Your Data Base
  • Maintain Your Website and Listings on Social Media Platforms
COmmercial consultation
  • Analyse Investment Property
  • Create Proformas
  • Create Marketing/Financial Packet for Investment and Commercial Properties
  • Inform and Maintain Communication with Tenants and Occupants during the Sale
Consultation Available
  • How to Get an Investment Property to Closing - Both on the Seller & Buyer Side
  • Listing & Closing Property in an HOA
  • How Does will Your Investment Property Pencil Out?
  • How Not to Get Emotion (or in Trouble) with an Emotional Support Animal!

a tailored plan just for you!

Full or Part-Time

We’d “sit” down for a free Full Business Review to see what you need to “Bild” your business. From that, a design is put together detailing what is best for you, your business growth, and your money.

Then, depending on what your business review looks like, hours and payment would be discussed for particular temporary projects with projected deadlines or timelines.  

You choose what you want to have done when.


Depending on what your business review looks like, hours and payment would be discussed for particular temporary projects with projected deadlines or timelines.  You choose what you want to have done when.

For each project, an agreement is signed with payment made for the first half of the project. The rest of the project payment would be paid upon completion.


The Owner of Bild a Better Business has been a licensed Real Estate Professional since 1997 and had her broker’s license since 2000. Not only has she specialized in Residential Real Estate, but has also worked with Commercial Real Estate and Specialized in Property Management, Selling Investment Properties and Selling in Home Owner Associations.

Consulting could include what are the legalities of selling a Multi-Family home with tenants as well as how to deal with an HOA.

Insights & Tips to Make Your Business Better

ESA’s and Services animals are still confusing, even after the Iowa Supreme Court rules!

If you are in any part of the real estate work, whether it’s selling or managing property, you are quite aware of Emotional and Service Animals and how they are protected by the Fair Housing Authorities and American Disability Acts. You may not discriminate against an owner who has either one of those animals. In fact, they are not even considered “pets”, they are tools to assist their owners/handlers. It is against the law to not allow them in your units or buildings.

However, the Iowa Supreme Court just ruled differently …

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Toot My Own Horn

A litTle more detail … I’d like to go into a bit of more detail of how I can “Bild” your Real Estate Business …

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Let's "bild" a better business!!

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