If You're Not Staying in Touch with Your Clients, Who IS?
Bild a Better Business

"I specialize in creating content, designs, and systems for real estate agents ensuring consistent client connections, attracting prospects, and safeguarding against lost sales to competitors."

Never Lose a Client Again! Use My Services to Stay In Touch with Your Clients!

Partnering with me gives you access to 26+ years of small business and real estate experience, tailored lead generation, and marketing solutions that:

Sandy Bild - BIld a Better Business

Enhance your online presence.

  • Boost the effectiveness of your emails, newsletters, and brochures to get a better ROI on your mailings.
  • Improve your engagement with current clients and prospects so they will remember you when they need something.
  • Plan and customize your marketing plans so you have a marketing plan for the year.
  • Streamline your touch campaigns to your clients and what they respond to.
  • Make Your database/CRM user friendly so it’s easier to use and add to.

I Can Also Create a Steady Stream of New Prospects!

  • Construct automated funnels to generate leads 24/7.
  • Produce lead magnets to attract your ideal clients and customers so you will receive a response.
  • Write and publish website blog articles to convert viewers into your new clients and customers.

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Buyer or Seller Presentations

Need help updating your Buyer’s Presentation? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Click below to find out how!
Bild a Better Business - Email & Database-CRMs

Email & Other Marketing Campaigns/Newsletters

Become a useful resource and community “go-to” with your website and blog posts!

Bild a Better Business - Content Creation

Content Creation

Never let your clients wonder if you’re still in business by staying in touch with them!

Bild a Better Business - Funnels

Funnels & Drip Campaigns

Funnels in your marketing plan are the perfect tool to channel leads into your email box!

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Let's "Bild" a Better Business!!