Is Blog Writing Mind-boggling?

Image of a Woman getting frustrated at her computer - Is BLog Writing Mind Boggling?

Is Blog Writing Mind-boggling? Have you ever experienced that moment when you’re staring at a blank screen (or sheet of paper), and your mind draws a blank, too? Writing blogs can feel daunting and utterly mind-boggling. This feeling is completely understandable, especially if you still need to outline a marketing schedule. However, to formulate a clear picture of what you want to write and when, it’s essential to organize your ideas and incorporate them into your marketing calendar.

Here are some tips I find helpful to get started:

Know Your Audience: Understand who your readers are and what they want. Are they after information, community insights, or in-depth industry details?

Image of a Man writing a blog - Bild a Better Business - adapting your presentationLength Matters: While a standard blog post typically ranges between 500 and 700 words, aiming for longer content spanning 1500 to 2500 words can often yield better results. However, the ideal length depends on your topic and audience preferences, so it’s good to mix it up.

Visual Appeal: Enhance your posts with GIFs, JPEGs, and MP4s to increase engagement, especially on social media platforms where visual content garners more attention.

Your post also needs to be broken up with these images, headings, and paragraph breaks. Readers will start glazing over if you include one long paragraph and jump out of your post.

Content Ideas: Tailor your content to your audience’s interests. For instance, if your readers are real estate agents like mine, consider providing them with beneficial advice alongside entertaining content. 

Image of Man with technical issuesHere are some ideas you may want to use:

Get involved locally in organizations, charities, schools, events, charity organizations, and festivals. Write about those activities and how you are contributing. Advertise for them when something comes up.

Take selfie videos/photos of your farm area, local attractions, and points of interest. Give reasons why their buyers should choose that area to live in. 

Or, if it’s for your client’s sellers, they can provide details of what is happening in their particular market area.

Interview local lenders, pest control, and insurance agents for tips your clients should know to make transactions smoother. Interviews could be written interviews or, better yet, videos. These blogs would show off how experienced you are and give the person you’re interviewing credentials, too.

Hint: These videos can be edited and repurposed into smaller clips.

Write articles for local publications. Be a source for your local newspaper, radio, or TV station. What a great way to show how you are the “go-to” in your industry!

Visit local vendors and restaurants to interview the owners and take selfies or videos of your interviews. Not only are you promoting your community, but their business, too. And you can always let them know you love referrals.

School Activities: Advertise before and then attend school plays, talent shows, sports activities, and other events. Give write-ups on how wonderfully talented the students are.

Remember to schedule these activities and engagements in your calendar, and above all, make it enjoyable! Keeping your content lively and engaging ensures your audience eagerly anticipates your next post.

If you need further guidance or prefer to have someone handle your blog content creation, feel free to reach out. Let’s discuss how I can help you “Bild a Better Business” through effective blogging.

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