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One thing is sure in the Business world, everyone is out for your dollars. There is always that “shiny object” or “magic pill”. Here are a few companies I recommend and use or have used. If you’re ever approached with something that sounds like it would solve all your problems, let me vet it for you. I promise I will give you the scoop on whether you should spend your money.

Less Annoying CRM Recommendation

Less Annoying CRM

Is your current CRM expensive, hard to use, and just doesn’t do what you want it to do? I use and recommend “Less Annoying CRM” because, well, it’s really Less Annoying (and so easy to set up and use!

Keys to a Smooth Closing

Keys to a Smooth Closing

Download my FREE templates, “Keys to a Smoother Closing,” crafted to streamline your after-the-offer communication process.

Bild a Better Business - Words of Wisdom

We’re always looking for ways to do our jobs better and in a more cost-effective way. Here are a few ways to do both.

Website Design

Bild a Better Business

Goes Hand in Hand with a WordPress Website

Elementor Hositng Basic Single Page

Elementor Hosting Single Page Websites

Elementor Hosting Plan Pricing

Elementor Hosting Plan Pricing

One Place For All Your Website Needs:
Managed WordPress Hosting + Elementor Pro Builder + Theme + Premium Support
– all in one!

Elementor Plug in pricing

Elementor Pro Plug-in Pricing

This is the website I have used for years!   ALL plans include:
Drag & Drop, No Code Editor, 100+ Website Designs, 100+ Widgets, Theme Builder, Woo, Commerce Builder, Form Builder, Popup Builder, and SO much more!

What I have been reading …   

“The ONE Thing” is the surprisingly simple truth about extraordinary results. Written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

E-myth (read multiple times): If you need some help getting your mind wrapped around working by and for yourself, this is the book to read. It changed how I looked at being a businesswoman. All good information!

Gitomer Little Red Book of Selling (and colors in this collection): These were little snippets per each of customer service and how to service your clients better. Easy to read and implement. I certainly recommend all his books.

Go-Giver: How to be a better businessperson based on how you treat people and the little things that mean the most to those you work with. It’s a very quick read and very meaningful. Definitely the Golden Rule in Business.

Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills: If you ever want to know the “Right way” of chopping an onion and many other things. I had NO idea!!

Bild a Better Business Book recommendations

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