How Marketing Your Real Estate Business Is Like Showing a Cow

Image of a Holstein heifer in a showring

How Marketing Your Real Estate Business is like Showing a Cow. I discovered the benefits of being “different” very early. I was the girl marching to my own beat or choosing the path less traveled. Growing up on a farm in Nebraska and a 4-H member, I showed dairy cattle. I showed a registered Brown Swiss heifer named “Cinnamon,” short for Cindy’s Salt Cinnamon. (yes, I named her – I was eight.)

To prepare for these shows, I spent my summer break from school working and training Cinnamon to lead, stand correctly, and avoid stepping on my toes. Throughout my 4-H career, we participated in numerous shows, consistently performing well.

Dairy cattle shows were a big deal back then and attracted farmers and dairy breeders from various counties throughout Nebraska and Iowa. Hundreds of cattle were groomed to compete in different classes. Cattle were divided by breed, age, and sex, with only one ultimately winning the “Grand Champion” title. The competition was fierce, with ribbons and small cash prizes awarded to the top performers.

Wanting to Be Different

As a competitive young farm girl with older sisters who also showed cattle, I wanted to earn the top ribbons—the blue and purple ones with the largest payouts.

image of a brown swiis heiferEyeing our competition, I noticed that the Brown Swiss class had fewer entries than the popular Holstein class. Holsteins dominated the show rings with their distinctive black and white markings, making it challenging to stand out among the 30 or so entries. In contrast, the Brown Swiss class had only about eight competitors, increasing my chances of being noticed.

All competitors led their cattle into the show ring the same way, and we all wore identical outfits: white shirts, white pants, and little paper 4-H hats. My challenge was to distinguish myself and my heifer in a field where everyone appeared similar. I didn’t understand it at that young age, but we earned the blue and purple ribbons at most dairy and county fair shows by focusing on a niche and outperforming my competition.

This experience has profoundly influenced my business career and marketing focus. I learned the importance of niching down, standing out, and outperforming my competition.

Is Your Marketing Different?

Are you “Outstanding in Your Field,” or do you blend in like another Holstein? Can your clients or potential clients differentiate you from your competitors? Will you be the one who will win the ribbon and the prize money?

Consider your marketing approach. Are you using generic company materials? Does a subscription service post your blogs? Are you handing out the same brochures, flyers, or newsletters as everyone else? Adding your name or headshot to a template is not enough to establish your brand. There are ways to demonstrate your uniqueness and ensure that you and your client will win the prize if chosen.

Now is a great time to design a unique brand and strategy that incorporates your company’s branding, meeting the requirements of the REALTORS® Association while also highlighting your unique qualities.

This approach would make you stand out and demonstrate how you differ from your competition; You are the agent to choose.

You are Not Alone!

However, you don’t have to tackle this by yourself! Whether you want to launch a new look, redesign your website, or enhance your current marketing materials, “Bild a Better Business” will ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression.

We empower real estate agents to break free from the typical mold of a real estate agent and succeed in a highly competitive market with engaging, inspiring, and action-driven strategies.

If you want the “Think OUTSIDE the Box!” with your marketing, let’s set aside 30 minutes to discuss your business and options.

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