Bild a better business
  • Is your real estate business exploding?
  • Are you now doing everything yourself?
  • Would you like someone to just MANAGE your business so you can generate business?

Let me help you “Bild” a Better Business!

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Iowa with 12 years of experience running my own Real Estate Office. Over the course of time, I found myself enjoying the back-office and marketing of real estate. I thought I would offer my expertise in marketing and sales to other clients throughout the United States by starting my own Real Estate Management Company – VIRTUALLY.

What this means for you is that I’m already trained, know the real estate business inside and out (keeping up with the trends and markets), and I won’t leave to start on my own real estate business. (Been there – done that) – I’m in the business to Bild YOUR Business.

The wonderful thing about hiring an Off-Site Manager is you use me when you need me – for as many hours you want.

You Pay for Only Time Used!
  • No Employee Tax Payment!
  • No Insurance Payment!
  • No Holiday or Vacation Paid!
  • Unproductive Time is NOT Your Dime!
Contact me below and be sure to let me know what is your biggest frustration! 
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“In the past 3 ½ years Sandy has worked with me, it feels no longer like it’s my business but it’s ours. Together we work perfectly as a team. I know my strengths and I certainly appreciate hers. Sandy has been able to take down my creative ideas and put them on paper to create what I believe to be an outstanding reflection of my business. She has given me the ability to focus on what I do best, sell real estate! Instead of me using my precious time working on the details of advertising, blog posts, researching the proper materials for keeping my clients informed, I count on Sandy for that task! Having someone who “gets it” and then put it into text and production is essential and she does that!”
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“Sandy Bild is the most efficient and effective assistant I have had the pleasure to work with. She is ALWAYS on time with assignments and is very proficient with her work. She is able to mutli-task and keep work-load running smoothly. One of the things I found most helpful with Sandy is that she keeps on top of my busy schedule and keeps me organized. She is self-sufficient and a self-starter. The experience she brings to the field is invaluable.”
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"Sandy, you have done an amazing job getting me 'plugged in". I will certainly be recommending you!
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Sandy at Bild a Better Business has continued to amaze me with her expertise and generosity!
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You will truly enjoy working with Sandy and you can count on her 100%! Great Virtual Assistant to add to your staffing for projects, both one-time and ongoing!
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I've worked with Sandy Bild on dozens of projects now over the last few years. What a great experience every time! First of all, Sandy knows the real estate business inside and out...she has everything it takes to be a Social Media Expert, top-level real estate VA, and much more. But what's all the more impressive is the fact that she has specifically chosen to pursue her niche because it is her passion to help her clients succeed in their own businesses. When you work with Sandy, you can expect to receive her full attention and commitment to your project. She's passionate about her work, creative and effective when it comes to marketing and social media, extremely detail oriented when it comes down to the facts & figures and other precision-demanding projects, and perhaps best of all, she's aggressive when it comes to getting things done...there's no waiting around, Sandy just gets things done and done right the first time. Whether it's to help create a masterful social media strategy, to help you get everything done within your real estate business, or to help you take your web presence to the next level, I would highly recommend Sandy. The bottom line is this: Sandy is on top of her game. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more committed expert at what she does.