Are you ready to quit?

Image of Frustrated woman ready to quit.

Are you ready to quit? I received a survey this morning—perhaps you did, too. The survey asked a very tough question: Are you ready to quit?

That question always pops up, doesn’t it? It’s a tough one, especially when a deal goes horribly awry or when business gets extremely slow, money is just not coming in, and all the contacts you thought were future business dry up. You’re not alone in this; many real estate agents face these challenges.

However, that doesn’t make it any easier and doesn’t get you a closing.

Why aren’t there any leads coming in? And buying leads is so expensive! Isn’t there a better way to get business??

"Don't Give Up!"First thing – DON’T QUIT!! Reach out to your past clients and contacts. They could be a real source of future business. Staying in touch with past clients is a missed opportunity for you, as maintaining connections with past clients helps generate organic referrals and builds a strong reputation and trust in the real estate community. While agents often have good intentions, the demands of securing new clients and closing deals can overshadow this crucial aspect of their business.

Was the day of closing the last contact you had with your clients?

Don’t worry – even if it’s been years, there is still a way for you to get back into contact with them and restart your fabulous relationship.

Here are a few ways you can break the ice!

Don’t worry—even if it’s been a few years, you can still contact them and restart your fabulous relationship. Remember – they loved working with you!

Watch the video below for a few quick ways to reconnect. However, if you want to maintain consistent contact so you don’t have the embarrassment of reconnecting, Bild a Better Business can set up your monthly or annual marketing calendar, automated emails, cards, and postcards.

Bild a Better Business can also set up House-iversaries every year and reminders on your calendar to make a strategic reconnect phone call to your top past clients. If your CRM has a texting feature, it will also be set up to send friendly texts. If your CRM doesn’t, a calendar reminder can be set up, and you can send friendly texts, which usually get a great response.

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