Is Technology a Time Suck?

Is Technology a Time Suck? In the fast-paced world of real estate, agents juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, from client meetings to property viewings, negotiations, and administrative duties, not to mention the day-to-day marketing they do by themselves.

Many real estate companies provide programs and systems to streamline their agents’ workflows to meet these demands. However, one of the critical questions that emerge amidst the addition of the company-supplied tools is whether these programs and systems are actually helping agents or adding to their already overflowing plates, adding extra work to their day. (or the guilt of not being able to fully use them effectively)

Is Technology a Time Suck?

For any of you who have been in the real estate world for any amount of time, you know technology has revolutionized the industry. Agents now have powerful tools to manage their listings, communicate with clients, analyze market trends, and much much more. The arsenal of available technologies is vast and ever-expanding, from customer relationship management (CRM) software to virtual reality property tours and design software and apps.

The Pitfalls of Overreliance

While these tools undoubtedly enhance productivity and efficiency, there’s a fine line between empowerment and overwhelm. Agents risk becoming bogged down by the sheer volume of platforms and systems they’re expected to implement and use. The more time an agent spends figuring out these new programs and apps, the more they may lose their focus on what is actually making them money: prospecting for new clients, working with other clients, and closing deals – i.e., SELLING!

Brokerages that provide their agents with a multitude of software and apps mean well, but all these perks may be setting up their agents for failure. 

If you had all the gadgets and gizmos for your business, do you have the time to use them AND maintain your business of working with clients? What if you spent all your time during the day/week/month figuring them out and trying to work them into your business? AND that’s all you get done? You may find that none of your time has been spent connecting with your clients and not producing $$$ — not really.

Perhaps it’s time to delegate your marketing, website tweaks, newsletters, and social media to an expert who’s not only a seasoned real estate agent but also a Virtual Expert in copywriting, design, and marketing.

Here’s how I can help you! 

I specialize in marketing tailored for real estate agents, implementing captivating copywriting and stunning design. With a deep passion for creativity and innovation, I dedicate my time to helping real estate agents stand out and make an impact in today’s crowded marketplace.

Not only do I create the content for your websites, blogs, newsletters, and emails, but I can also tame the wooly beast you may have of a contact manager. Your emails will be classified and ready to be set up to send consistent emails to nurture your current contacts with timely, valuable emails and newsletters.

Here are some other ways I can help!

 💻 Website Updates: I’ll keep your website content fresh – making it easier to find you on Google.

 📲 Engaging Blog Posts: I’ll create posts showing market trends and local activities, sharing them on your other social media.

 🕝 Social Media: Use your blog to promote your presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. I will also post other content for engagement.

🏠 “Out of the Box” Marketing designing creative brochures, flyers, popby or open house gifts, and promotional materials to set you apart.

 📧 Newsletter: Creating appealing newsletters and email campaigns for client connection.

 📫 Marketing Campaigns and Lead Generation: Design drips and funnels.

✏️ Other Marketing: Design print ads, buyer/seller brochures, and flyers.

❓Want to organize your systems? I can create user-friendly forms and templates.

❗Innovative Ideas: I’d love to brainstorm ideas with you!

Check out my Portfolio!

If you find yourself working in front of your computer and not out connecting and generating business, you’re not taking full advantage of your talents, energy, and time. 

Let’s change that! Set up a 30-minute chat to discuss what is sucking up your time, your systems, and where you want to go. I can give you some ideas that help streamline what you have.

There is no obligation; it’s free and only 30 minutes.

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