“Chalk it up to Experience”

How many of you have gone through your real estate career having one time or another had to “chalked it up to experience”? As much as this may have stung, did you learn something from it?

Having been in the real estate business (residential and commercial) for over 20 years and recently property management, I gained a lot of knowledge and learned a lot of things. But at times, I just had to chalk things up to experience. And move on.

  • Perhaps a deadline was missed or an appointment wasn’t “written” on the calendar.
  • Maybe it’s not having enough time to prepare for that meeting and lost the listing.
  • Possibly you were too busy to stay in contact with a client only to have them use a different agent.
  • Maybe your daily routine has gotten away from you and you’re not as organized as you’d like – or need – to be.

Any of these actions can tap us on the shoulder reminding us, we’re better than what just happened. We generally just have to “chalk it up to experience”, learn from it and move on.

However, if you’re continually having to “Chalk things up to Experience”, it may be time to hire someone to help you.

Acquiring help now, may solve your problem of not having enough time. With a solid plan and systems already implemented, you’ll be prepared to run to that meeting at a moments’ notice. Clients will know  YOU are their only agent for any and all of their real estate needs because you will be consistently and continually engaged with helpful emails, blog articles, and posts.

It’s okay to “chalk it up to experience”, but next time it will be a pat on the back instead of a tap on the shoulder.

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