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Bild a Better Business logo - Think outside the box!Newsletters serve as a valuable tool for keeping your database well-informed about your business and the market’s latest developments. However, it’s crucial that these newsletters are engaging and consistently distributed.

While every database is unique, I have successfully increased open rates for some clients from 25% to an impressive 65% by delivering engaging and regular newsletters to her database.

Although many companies do send out newsletters for convenience, some resort to mass-producing them, resulting in content that closely resembles or replicates that of their competitors.

So, what sets you apart? What makes you the superior choice?

This is where I step in.

I establish a connection with your specific area, subscribing to local blog posts, newsletters, and Facebook pages to understand your content preferences. I then align your preferences with the latest news and activities within your region.

We’ll collaborate to determine the topics you wish to feature in your newsletters, ensuring they are meticulously planned for consistent distribution to your database.

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Mary L Williams - La Quinta/Palm Springs, CA

DonnaLisa Knowles - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Ilona Matteson - Outer Banks, NC

Shannon Feuerbach - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kacena Real Estate Management - Iowa

Bild a Better Business Newletter Sample - K-REM Newsletter - image

DonnaLisa Knowles - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Bild a Better Business Newsletter Sample - DonnaLisa's Newsletter Banner

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