Bild a Better Business - Funnel Marketing

If you’ve ever signed up for a webinar or accessed a “free download,” you’ve essentially navigated a funnel. However, if the mechanics of funnels remain a bit unclear, let’s schedule a brief 30-minute session. I’d be happy to illustrate how this marketing strategy can significantly benefit your business, regardless of its nature, by enhancing lead generation or facilitating the sale of products and services.

Even if you’re already utilizing a funnel, it might not be performing as effectively as you’d like. I’m here to make adjustments or revamp your funnel and website to ensure you achieve the best possible results. Let’s collaborate to elevate the success of your business.

NOTE: Active Funnels are difficult to show as they are on a 3rd party platform and you’ll need to go through a funnel to see what it does – thus downloading or purchasing a product.

Let's Have Coffee

And I'll Buy!!

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or a soda, let’s get together for a Zoom and a Brew!!

We have much to discuss to determine if we are a good match for your business needs. If you’re open to using a Virtual Expert to manage tasks like your newsletter and other possible “to-do” items, this is an excellent time to explore this further.

Looking at a few of my web pages and articles might not convey the full scope of what I can offer or precisely address your requirements.

This session would be your brainstorming opportunity. You can share your current activities, aspirations, and challenges, and I can outline how I can assist you. From this dialogue, we can develop a tailored plan that aligns with your business’s growth and financial considerations.

Subsequently, based on the outcome of your business evaluation, we can discuss hours and payment options for the proposed solutions. You’ll be free to choose the path(s) that best suit your needs, and we can proceed from there.