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Bild a Better Business - Email Samples

Do you find it difficult to have time and energy to stay in touch with your clients and contacts? It’s essential to connect consistently with your clients using the appropriate content in your emails and newsletters. This approach is pivotal in boosting your visibility and engaging the interest of both current clients and potential prospects.

One tempting solution is subscribing to mass content providers. While convenient, it leads to duplicated generic content, and all agents subscribing to it look the same. And you want to show you ARE different.

Using my services will not only ensure you’re reaching out to your clients and prospects consistently but in a way that is unique to you and the way you do business. You will stand out in your crowded field of competition.

Check out below a few of the emails I drafted and sent out. Then, let’s chat over a cup of coffee (or beverage of your choice)!

Benefits of Consistent Emails Will:

  • Establish Authority
  • Build your creditability
  • Start a Conversation with your clients
  • Promote Listings
  • Increase Name and Brand Recognition and builds stronger relationships
  • Increase traffic to your website or social media
  • Build excitement for your Business
  • Highlight recent blog posts and newsletter adding more subscribers
  • Promote sharing of your content, creating referrals
  • It provides your clients with tips and advice they can use

Here's how I can help you:

📫 Email Marketing Campaigns and Lead Generation: Design drips campaigns and funnels. This also would include a Marketing Calendar detailing what will be sent out and when!

📧 Newsletters: Create appealing consistent newsletters and email campaigns for client connection.

✏️ Other Marketing: Design print ads, buyer/seller brochures, and flyers.

🪄 Client Database: Has your database gotten a little wild and wooly? I can help you tame it, making it a valuable tool.

Want to organize your systems? I can create user-friendly forms and templates.

Innovative Ideas: I’d love to brainstorm ideas with you!


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