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We’re always looking for new business. But are you paying for new leads instead of staying in contact with your past clients, customers, friends, family, and vendors who know you already? Are you staying in touch with them consistently?


Suddenly, you notice a lot of time has passed, and those past clients who once valued your services could start using someone else just because you didn’t stay in touch.


The solution to consistent business coming in could be easier than you think – let someone else handle your database and marketing. 


Here’s where I can help:


I will assist you in choosing an affordable and user-friendly CRM (database) program and guide you through the setup. If you already use an Excel spreadsheet or manage your clients in Outlook or Gmail, I can smoothly transfer them to your new database. (By the way, Outlook and other email accounts aren’t really CRMs.)


After categorizing your contacts, we’d set up campaigns according to your marketing calendar. (Don’t worry; we’ll get one all planned and laid out.) We’d send out an email, postcard, or newsletter. You will sometimes contact them with a phone call or handwritten note (people always appreciate the last two). We’d document their next follow-up. Then, when it’s time to reach out again, it’s on your calendar. You’ve just stayed in touch with your contacts using a system. And it is part of your calendar and marketing plan.



Let's Have Coffee

And I'll Buy!!

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or a soda, let’s get together for a Zoom and a Brew!!

We have much to discuss to determine if we are a good match for your business needs. If you’re open to using a Virtual Expert to manage tasks like your newsletter and other possible “to-do” items, this is an excellent time to explore this further.

Looking at a few of my web pages and articles might not convey the full scope of what I can offer or precisely address your requirements.

This session would be your brainstorming opportunity. You can share your current activities, aspirations, and challenges, and I can outline how I can assist you. From this dialogue, we can develop a tailored plan that aligns with your business’s growth and financial considerations.

Subsequently, based on the outcome of your business evaluation, we can discuss hours and payment options for the proposed solutions. You’ll be free to choose the path(s) that best suit your needs, and we can proceed from there.