Why a virtual Real Estate Business Manager?

What IS a Virtual Real Estate Business Manager?

As you know, Real Estate is a Business; it’s YOUR business. To be successful, Real Estate needs to be treated as a business. But how can you go about taking care of business without devoting ALL your time working your busines systems instead of doing what you do best and love – listing and selling properties? Where is even a good place to start? Team up with a Virtual Real Estate Business Manager!

A Virtual Real Estate Business Manager is your own Chief Operations Officer who focuses on your entire real estate business with a wholistic approach. A VREBM focuses on the BIG picture of your business and charts future goals and systems for your business.

A VREBM drills down and examines what your business plan should or shouldn’t include, many times cutting out the waste where dollars could be spent in better ways.

A Business Manager will set-up/update and maintain systems to consistently stay in contact with your clients and data base creating marketing plan for months or years instead of day to day.

A Business Manager will organize your business which including all databases and CRM to make them WORK for you!

A Business Manager also stays current with what is happening in the Real Estate market – local and national – so you have someone to discuss your concerns and plan accordingly.

How is a Virtual Real Estate Business Manager different than a regular Real Estate Virtual Assistant? You instruct the VA what to do when and by when AND maybe even need to train them! The VREBM is a professional who’s been in the real estate business, knows real estate and informs you what needs to be done, how it will be done, and by when. Managers do just that – MANAGE your business. You’re still “The Boss”, but you’ll have a professional manager in your pocket to make sure all your systems and business are clicking.

What VREBM’s can do for your business:

Organize and maintain databases or create your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – including Top Producer.

Create Marketing Plans covering 6 to 12 months at a time. (Best to have these in place at the beginning of the year, but can start anytime).

Organize monthly or quarterly newsletters to go out to your buyers and sellers.

Manage your social media which would include unique and creative blog articles.

Be your consultant outlining what’s working and what may not be working in your business.

There’s much more and we can discuss your business during a free consultation. Contact me today and we can get started tomorrow!

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