Over 23 Years of Real Estate Experience Social Media Specialist Bild a Better Business!

After many years in real estate and running my own office, I officially became a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in 2006. Times were tough for the real estate industry, and hiring a virtual assistant was a new and novel concept, but I was ready. It took a bit to get my business off the ground, but I wanted to help real estate agents because I knew how hard it was to do everything myself. 

My business started rolling along in 2010, and after several months going into years helped many agents across the United States through the dark years of the recession. Some agents only needed blogging; others needed help with their database, website maintenance, and social media management.


My husband, who had been in property management for almost 30 years, asked me if I could help him in his property management business; so, after several years as a virtual assistant, I joined him in his property management business. If you have never worked in property management, it was an education in itself.


My husband retired in 2020 after he sold his business – luckily, I was not part of the deal and saw the opportunity to return to what I enjoy doing – helping real estate agents build their businesses and become even more successful.


I have dusted off “Bild a Better Business” (Think OUTSIDE the Box!) and am ready to “Bild” a Better Business for you! The difference this time is in addition to residential real estate, I now have property management/multi-family (investment) properties and commercial experience to add to my toolbox.


Licensed in Real Estate since 1997 and broker in 2000, I have owned and managed my own real estate business, been a property manager, and am well seasoned in all aspects of marketing. These years of experience are at your disposal to “Bild” your business.


“Bild a Better Business is a Licensed and Seasoned Real Estate Broker assisting other Professional Real Estate Agents Virtually throughout the United States taking their Businesses to Higher and Higher Levels Using New, Exciting, Unique, and Professional Ideas!”

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