Not Ready to Commit?

Have you been thinking about bringing on another agent to help lighten your load or even an assistant, but don’t want to commit to anything right now because you either don’t know what is going to happen in the market or don’t know if that really is your answer? Or you may be a little worried about interviewing and working with someone face to face during this pandemic?

I understand your concerns and may have a solution for you.

A Temporary Contract for Hire.

Here’s how it would work:

  1. We’d “sit” down for a free Full Business Review to see what you need to “Bild” your business. From that, a design is put together detailing what is best for you, your business growth, and your money.

Then, depending on what your business review looks like, hours and payment would be discussed for particular temporary projects with projected deadlines or timelines. You choose which project you want to have done and when.

  • For each project, an agreement is signed with payment made for the first half of the project. The rest of the project payment would be paid upon completion.
  • Once the each project is started, you will have updates and the ability to review until finished. Once each project is finished, I would send an itemized invoice with total hours worked on the final product for your records. The second half of the payment would be made once the invoice is received.
  1. You’ll receive a complete detailed blueprint of your Business Review so additional projects can be added when you are ready.
  1. OR, if you know what kind of marketing you want done, call me. We can review your project and get started right away!

Temporary and per project may be your answer! No hiring employees! No long-term contract!

Evaluate and pinpoint what you want done with your business when you want it done!

I will help you “Bild a Better Business!” (a little at a time or full-time)

Bild a Better Business is a Licensed and Seasoned Real Estate Broker Managing other Professional Real Estate Agents Virtually throughout the United States taking their Businesses to Higher and Higher Levels Using New, Exciting, Unique and Professional Ideas!

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