Do you find it hard to manage your time?

Are you spending more time managing your business instead of doing business?

Your time is valuable! Spend it wisely!!

You LOVE Your Business!! Your LOVE working with your clients helping them buy or sell their homes. You have worked long and hard getting your business to where it is today. You are successful and busy. Busier because you are good at what you do – working on a personal level with your clients.

However, are you finding that the more successful you become, the day to day – month to month, even quarterly tasks are put on the back burner to be taken care of when you have more time? Or they don’t get done?

Are there ideas you’d like to incorporate in your business, but not sure where to start or again, have time to start?

Is it time to pass the “management” of your real estate business to a Virtual Real Estate Business Manager (VBREM) instead of doing it yourself? A VREBM is not an assistant, on-site or off-site. An assistant has their place in business, but generally assistants need trained and that is taking time out of your BUSY schedule to train them. Assistants do just that – assist.

A Virtual Real Estate Business Manager manages your business for you. Managers already have the experience and knowledge to implement what you and your business needs to take it to the next level. (Oh, you’re still your own boss, it’s your real estate business that’s being managed.)

What VREBM manage:

  • Database – update or create
  • Client Contact
  • Newsletters with unique and personal articles
  • Social Media – create and maintain
  • Update Websites and Blog Articles
  • Update Your Agent Branding

The great thing? Hiring a your very own Virtual Real Estate Manager frees up your time. Use them when you need them for the hours you need them, paying for only the time used. There are no employee taxes, insurance, paid time off, sick paid time off, break time or time just waiting for the next project to come across the desk. There is no training and you get the benefit of having a seasoned licensed professional who knows then industry and knows how to market and make you look good. 

We’ll have a plan in place before we even get start

what is the biggest thing taking up the most of your time?

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