How Will a Professional Virtual Real EState Business Manager Benefit Your Business?

The more time you spend on the mundane administrative tasks per week, the less money you will actually make. Even though you’re doing the work yourself and not “paying someone else to do it”, it is using up your energy, your focus, and time away from what you do best – working with clients listing,    selling or enjoying your life.

Hiring an on-site assistant may get the work done, but you’re paying a lot of extra money for unproductive time in addition to employee taxes, insurance, and paid time off. Plus it’s up to you to plan and give them the work to do – which takes up more of your time!

Hiring a Professional Virtual Real Estate Business Manager to manage your real estate business, frees up your time and mind. Instead of worrying HOW tasks will get done, tasks are done. Marketing plans will be made and implemented, client contact/touches created and mailed, and most of all? Promises kept. All on schedule and by the schedule. 

A Manager is more than an assistant, they are a collaborator, confidant, and contributor right at your fingertips! Best part? You pay only for time used. There are no employee taxes, insurance, paid time off, sick pay, break time or time just waiting for the next project to come across their desk. Managers do not wait to be told what to do like assistants, they put together a plan/schedule of what needs to be done for your business and follows through with it. AND they are tax deductible! 

Here’s an example:

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