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Hiring a Real Estate Coach? Did you play a musical instrument in school? Did you have lessons? Did you take private lessons? How did that help you in your chair placement? Did your music teacher hold you accountable for practicing each day?

Did you have a tutor as you were going through school, especially for those hard classes like Chem and physics? Did your grades improve? Did your tutor hold you accountable to studying that subject each day?

How about your real estate business? Of course, you’re taking the required real estate continuing ed classes as well as a webinar here and there, but are those really helping your business? They have great ideas to implement into your business, but are you using them after you added them to your notes?

Perhaps it is time to hire a real estate coach.

I’m sure you have been in real estate long enough you have been chased down by many real estate coaches – each one with a gimmick. I know I was, and it was exhausting!! But the truth is, if you find the right coach, your business and income will improve – immensely.

According to online article on “Follow Up Boss”, According to Inman’s comprehensive 2014 report:

  • More than 9 out of 10 agents said their business increased by at least 10% during the first year they worked with a coach.
  • More than half said their business increased by over 25%.
  • When asked what coaches provide that brokerages don’t, the most popular responses were accountability (73%), motivation (62%) and consulting (50%).

Respondents also said coaches help them “do stuff I know I should but don’t” and give them a “competitive edge” — basically, the two main things that will set you up to outpace your competitors in a crowded real estate market.”

How Much is a Real Estate Coach?

But that kind of advice isn’t free. About 6 out of 10 respondents said they spend between $300 and $749 a month on an individual coach, with the largest share (27%) putting the monthly cost between $400 and $499. (And don’t forget, those numbers are from 2014.)”

How do you hire the right real estate coach? Ask around. Join forums on Facebook but ask around. Call up Coaching companies and ask them questions – like you’re interviewing them because you are. You need to find a coach who you will feel comfortable confiding in and who will care enough about you and your business to hold you accountable. Tip: the most expensive coach or program may not be your best choice.

National list of Real Estate Coaches may be found following this link – https://www.followupboss.com/blog/real-estate-coaching.

So, why as your real estate manager, would I recommend you hire a real estate coach? Because I know they work and if you have a coach, you’ll be so busy you’ll NEED a manager to help you with all your new business!!

I have worked with/for a couple of real estate coaches throughout my years as a Virtual Assistant and used one when I jumped back into real estate. 

Coaching works and I highly recommend you check them out:

       Your Coaching Matters – Mike and Donna

Contact Mike & Donna – try them out. Take short classes or sign up for group sessions. They are a wealth of information and want to see you succeed.

I, too, want to see you succeed. With a real estate coach in your back pocket, there is nothing you won’t be able to doH

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