Guidance & education is key

Sandy Bild, Owner of Bild a Better Business, licensed in real estate in the State of Iowa since 1997, has worked in residential, commercial and investment properties, specializing in property management over the last many years.

Sandy has always said, “education is the key to real estate, not selling”. So, when she would work with buyers and sellers, her main goal was to educate her clients, not merely selling them something. Sandy wanted her clients to be totally informed when making major financial decisions.

This has since carried over to not only educating buyers and sellers, but real estate agents as well. Over the last few years, Sandy has consulted both buyer and seller agents giving them advice on multi-family homes. Not only is it important to get the numbers right but including just the right contract clauses and document requests are key to a smooth closing.

Additionally, mind-set is also important when working with investment properties as opposed to residential homes. Sandy will help take the “personalization” out of the process so their clients do not get emotionally involved with the property before they put in an offer.

Sandy and “Bild a Better Business” are here to assist brokerages, agents, buyers and sellers in any way she can. Contact us today – the form’s right there. Let us know how we can help you!

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